The Book of Conversations
Fatih Gençkal

Printed by Printcenter


Winner of Aşina Project Book Fund

The Book of Conversations was designed as a performative work with editor Zeynep Yavuzcezzar and designer Umut Altıntaş, based on my correspondence with 16 artists working in the field of performing arts from different parts of the world in the first 7 months of the pandemic process. The book, which is conceived as a performance object, takes these correspondences as a source and is shaped on the relationship between the three main actors of the book making process: the author, the editor and the designer. The author of the book, under the guidance of the editor, enters into a dialogue with his own book in the white spaces opened by the designer. While the texts witnessing the recent past of people in different parts of the world are rearranged in new situations that are constantly changing, the book offers its readers to look at the process of change again.