Sensitive Care
Mahinur Bulut

Photography Exhibition
Umut Altıntaş

Mahinur Bulut is a young graphic designer who has turned her camera into a dominant instrument and has a keen interest in plastic arts. During the four years I knew her, she was also interested in producing photographic images in parallel to his graphic design education. This way of visual expression, which she frequently experimented and developed with different materials and methods, was ended up with a design object in the last stage of his education; a book form. It is important to call it discipline because these productions, which proliferate here and there independently of each other, inevitably time out both within themselves and for the person who produces them when they are not considered as materials or brought together within a roof. Thus, when the accumulation is revealed by entering into a book form or transforming into an exhibition, it has the opportunity to become a discourse and to be fixed and documented at some point in time.

This exhibition is a short story of Mahinur's accumulated productions. We selected 25 images from Mahinur's image pool, -including those used in the book she produced as a graduation project-, and pursued a visual syntax. These photographic images, which are produced with contrast, singular, i.e. "graphic understanding", communicate within their boundaries through the idea of "skin harmony" arising from the forced association between human and nature.

This short story, which I prefer to describe as the "hearing of the visible", is the prologue of a larger story that a young art producer will continue to write for many years, and I have already eagerly awaited chapters that have not yet been written.