Re: [aap_2020]
Arter Research Programme

Edited by İz Öztat & Merve Ünsal
19,5 x 25 cm
184 pages
Printing and binding
Umur Basım

The publication Re: [aap_2020], produced as part of the 2020–2021 edition of the Arter Research Programme, includes the research-led contributions of Kerem Altaylar, Eylem Ejder, Nejbir Erkol, Alev Ersan, Furkan Öztekin, palimpsest (Larissa Araz & Ekin Can Göksoy), Rojda Tuğrul and Aslı Uludağ, as well as collaborative texts produced in the context of the programme. The book also features a section titled “Companions”, comprising the foundational resources participants used during their research processes and a playlist that brings together the songs they listened to during the breaks they took from their regular meetings.