Re: Re: Letters Between Yunus Ak & Umut Altıntaş

16,5x23,5 cm
Black and white
416 pages
Printing and binding
Ofset Yapımevi
Baskı adedi / Print run: 300

“Re: Re: is a project in which the two graphic designers Yunus Ak and Umut Altıntaş send each other letters using their typographic vocabulary, text, word, and writing that becomes completely abstract, marked, complicated, simplified, and meaningless.

The letters sometimes refer to certain reference points in the world of art or design. These references can be deciphered for those who know this world well or they can find new meanings in their own way for those who are not familiar with this universe. This act of correspondence opens to endless possibilities of meaning. The dialog can seem more obvious when read in chronological order as in the book, but at the same time, countless different pairings can be made.

The project consists of letters between Yunus Ak and Umut Altıntaş. These 206 letters, in which different ways of correspondence are sought and turned into a typographic dialog between two designers, come together in the book carefully printed by Ofset Yapımevi.