Resimli Bilgi -Ek
Illustrated Information -Appendix
KartonKitap x Metehan Özcan

Self Published
Print Run: 500
Printed at A4 Ofset

This object is an offer by KartonKitap (N. Toros Mutlu and Umut Altıntaş), as an “Appendix” in book form to Metehan Özcan’s work Resimli Bilgi. Deconstructing found images, collages appropriated of illustrations from various sources and photographs Özcan had taken, the book presents a map-like, indexical guide. ¶ The idea behind Resimli Bilgi -Ek is to let the book design itself in any book’s conventional journey on its way to become a “book”. Based on Özcan’s pattern of gathering his images on the surface of a wall in order to recreate randomized layers of definitions in the original encyclopaedia of Resimli Bilgi, five 100x70 cm sized 16-page signature sheets have been treated as if they’re “walls” and images juxtaposed on these surfaces. The book, and its design, only reveals itself after these five sheets have been folded, cut and placed onto each other as pages. Thus, it was not the book that has been designed, but its condition “before being a book”. ¶ By reversing the relationship between the mise-en-scene and mise-en-page, the book has been enabled to create its own visual language with a method based on a “calculated randomness”.