Resimli Bilgi -Ek
Illustrated Information -Appendix
KartonKitap x Metehan Özcan

Self Published

An appendix to Metehan Özcan’s work Resimli Bilgi. While the original work consists of Özcan’s photographs and appropriations of found images and illustrations from the original volumes of the encyclopaedia, this appendix functions more like a map, an indexical guide. The idea behind the design of the book is to let the book design itself in any book’s conventional journey on its way to be a book. Before the sheets become signatures, they have been designed as if they’re walls. By this way, KartonKitap simulates Özcan’s way of working with the wall; but when folded the book provides an unusual reading. So, this calculated sort of randomness transforms the mise-en-scene to mise-en-page and vice versa. Just as the bond Özcan establishes with the original Resimli Bilgi series in its way of demonstrating the knowledge, KK attempts to be loyal to Özcan’s style by appropriating and dismantling his work.