Flow Through

Printed at Ofset Yapımevi

Book design for first solo exhibition of Bahar Yürükoğlu took place at ARTER | space for art, between March 30- May 15, 2016.
“Flow Through takes as its departure point Bahar Yürükoğlu's experiences during her travels to the Arctic Circle in 2015, both
in the summertime, whe the sun doesn't set, and during the winter months, when darkness prevails. In the exhibition, the artist creates fictional spaces based on the dualities she observed in the Arctic region; blurring the boundaries between presence and absence, past and future, nature and civilisation, as well as cyclical movements and inevitable transformations, these installations, photographs and videos test the viewer's perceptive capacities, and demand that the dichotomy between the subject and the object is set aside.”

Quoted from Arter's official webpage:

Book Design Category Succsess Award at
35th GMK Turkish Graphic Designers Association