F Project

Curated by Umut Altıntaş
Organised by Hayy Open Space
Supported by Spaces of Culture
Photo Credit: Engin Gerçek (Studio Majo)

21 artists from different disciplines were invited to F to produce a work where they questioned concepts such as “originality, copying, reproduction, distribution and format” within the limited capabilities of the photocopier, abiding by the A5, A4 and A3 dimensions. Each artist responded to this invitation with a photocopy-work while involving their own professional practices. These experiments, which can be defined as a conceptual representation of the fanzine culture, turned into an original publication with their own names under the title of F.

As a project which comprises of exhibitions and other events, F will continue in Ankara, Istanbul and Diyarbakır with the participation of new artists after İzmir. Main exhibitions will be accompanied by interviews and workshops. In addition, the artist will take part in the archives of the institutions and libraries interested in the publication, will be sold or distributed at reasonable prices within the permits of the artists.


Yunus Ak
Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu
Cenkhan Aksoy
Gizem Hız Altıntaş
Umut Altıntaş
Özgür Demirci
Orkun Destici
Canan Erbil
Borga Kantürk
Okay Karadayılar
Ezgi Ceren Kayırıcı
Melike Koçak
Toros Mutlu
Aslı Narin
Işık Ölçer
Sarp Sözdinler
Melike Taşçıoğlu
Kusay Tatlı
Berkay Tuncay
Merve Ünsal
Erdem Varol

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