Andover Road North Remix
KartonKitap x Gary McLeod

Offset Print
Self Published

In this small book, artist Gary McLeod collaborated with book designers KartonKitap to remix his photograph of Andover Road North, a country road in Winchester which is home to a particular hedgerow that McLeod feels embodies the freedom and difficulties associated with foreignness. Granted access to all 700 pieces originally gathered in August 2012, KartonKitap set about looking for patterns and contrasts of their own within the material. The result is a unique book consisting of only one photograph albeit seen through the shifting gaze of the photographer and then 're-seen' through the eyes of the designers.

Gary McLeod's work makes use of photographs as pieces of visual information that explore and translate surroundings into something manageable. Each piece gathered represents a single moment taken while experiencing a subject, all of which are then brought together to articulate a perceived whole.