A Book (13th Book)

Self Published
Printed as two copies

Book for the master thesis about “Building Content in Book Design Graphic Designer as Author” which was completed in 2014. The book is the physical output of the thesis which inquires the attitude of the designer as an author through 12 books, each from different time periods. First, it welcomes the reader with empty cover and empty pages -in other words, as it is. Right in the middle, the detached part includes pages that were composed from the picked-up pages of 12 books mentioned in the thesis. Each page succeeds the earlier page and precedes the later one both conceptually and formally, and finally, the book concludes once again with empty pages. The hidden index somewhere among the last pages consist of the long table of bibliography revealing where each independent page actually belongs to. First edition included only 4 copies, 3 of which were given out thesis jury. The exhibited editions here are of the second edition which only had 2 copies. The binding and paper types may differ from the previous copies.