3273 Pages
Umut Altıntaş           
Book Exhibition

3273 PAGES is a selection of the books, which were produced by the designer with different intentions between 2008- 2016. This exhibition consists of the book designs in various contents that are industrially produced and circulated, independent collaborations produced in limited editions, personal experiments done by simple amenities, and unique artist books. Books are exhibited in three distinctive ways: One group is open to readers’ interaction by preserving the initial nature of a book. Another group is retained by the designer in order to keep the reader in the position of a viewer. Books are displayed with video projections, are converting the close relationship between the reader and the book into a meaningful distance. 3273 Pages, is the first solo exhibition of the designer that works as a crosscheck for his personal design practice.
The exhbition was installed at Galery A which is one of the oldest houses in İzmir. Books are distributed to the rooms of the house.

Photo Credit: Umut Altıntaş